3 Most Popular Lottery Games


The roots of the lotteries are very deep. There are a lot of people who love to play lottery games and especially with the invention of online lottery games it has become popular among people across the world. Nowadays there are so many new types of lottery games that are being launched frequently. But there are some basic games that can never go outdated and are always loved by the players. Therefore we are providing you the list of the most popular lottery games which you can find below.

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This is the most common lottery game which usually people loves to play. In this game, you have to draw six numbers from the given possible numbers. There is a special ball- drawing machine which shoots the balls randomly with the number written over each ball and if all your six numbers exactly match the numbers which are drawn then you are the winner. There is no particular order for numbers until and less all the six numbers are exactly the same. Sometimes the winners are more than one or two in that case you have to split the prize money but if there are no winners then the prize money gets rollover and the amount of jackpot becomes larger. That’s when more number of people takes part to win the huge jackpot.

Little Lotto

This game is almost the same as that of lotto. The only thing which makes it different is that in this game you have to pick 5 numbers instead of 6 and when the slot machine shoot the balls then you have to match your selected numbers with the numbers drawn. If the numbers you have picked are exactly the same then you are the winner. People play this game more often because the chances of winning are more as you have to pick only 5 numbers and also the drawings are held more frequently almost 6 days a week.

The Dailies

If you want to try your luck every day then pick 3 and pick 4 are the games that you might like. In pick 3 you have to choose a 3 digit number and when the number exactly matches with the drawn number in the same order then you are the winner. Also if the numbers match but the order is different than you can get a smaller payoff. Likewise, you can play the pick 4, the only thing which is different from pick 3 in this is that you have to select a 4 digit number according to your choice and the rest all things are similar.

Hence, these are the most famous lottery games you can play online as well as offline. However, if you are playing them online then make sure to check your internet connection first to avoid any kind of inconvenience before you visit the site (Seite besuchen) of any lottery games.

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