Some Poker Resolutions You Can Keep For New Year

Some- Poker -Resolutions- You- Can- Keep -For- New- Year

With the beginning of new year most of the people make new year resolutions such as to stay fit, save money, eat healthy and many more. The list just goes on. But the bitter truth is that not the half of them will stick to their resolutions. After some initial days, people get back to their normal routines.

Norsk casino guide
Norsk casino guide

Like these poker players also have their own version of resolutions and most of the commit of themselves that they will improve their game, make a better selection of games etc. But don’t you feel that all such things you already try to do when you play on a regular basis. So forget these types of resolutions that doesn’t make much difference from what you are already working on. Make such resolutions that are simpler, easy and specific to accomplish and can quickly benefit you with the evident incremental results. Below are some of the mine resolutions that you can refer to if you are thinking of making some for yourself.

Maintain a poker notebook

One of the simplest and effective things you can do is to promise yourself that from now onwards whenever you play poker, you will write down the details about it like, low long and in which site you have played, number of times you have won or lost the game or any other thoughts that you had while playing the games. Note down all these things and you can also add more details as per your wish. You may be thinking that how these things will impact your game but in reality, all the small things which you do will help you to make some bigger changes in your games. When you physically write on paper the things will remain on your mind for a longer period of time. Also, you can evaluate your results which will motivate you.

Read at least one poker book

Obviously, you can learn a lot from your experience but reading a poker book will certainly make you look at the game with different perception. There are so many sites available on the internet where you can buy amazing poker books. It will also not cost you more. You can also go through the Norsk casino guide which is very good. Try to read one or two pages every day and if you like any thought of that author then you should also write it on your notebook.

Learn the strategies

There are several poker forums where a lot of skilled poker players post their experiences and strategies that they use to win the game. Make sure that you read one of the post daily that will make you learn some strategies and eventually improves your game.

Hence, these are the resolutions which I have made and hope that it will also help you to improve your game this year.

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