Types Of Online Casino Bonus You Can Use While Playing In 2019


One of the best advantages that online casinos offer as compared to traditional casinos is the great range of bonuses. That you can use for playing your game to the best of your ability. Nowadays, various bonus offers available on the web. But as we know, different players need different bonuses as per the aesthetic of their game. It’s not always the case that a slot player needs a no-deposit bonus or a roulette player needs a referral bonus. Right! Read more to know about the wide range of bonuses available on the web these days.

Welcome bonus

This is the most basic online casino bonus. This bonus especially gets offered to the players whenever for the very first time they visited some specific site to play casino games. It’s a like a perk or welcome gift for the new players of casino sites. You can make use of it while playing games like poker. You can also visit the Norsk casino guide to know about some latest news related to online casino games.


No-deposit bonus

This is one of the most common bonuses offered by various online casinos these days to the players who log in to their site. Basically, by making use of this bonus, players can play casino games without paying a single penny. That’s great! Isn’t it? You can also try out some convoluted casino games without worrying about the money loss. Because here money loss is not worth your concern, as you are playing free of cost.


Refer a friend bonus

This is the rarest form of online casino bonuses among all the different types. According to the nature of this bonus, every time you receive a bonus, whenever you refer an online casino site to your friend. It completely justifies the phrase “give and take”. It is like a mutual decision between a casino site and its player. This directly increases the traffic of online casino sites.

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VIP & high roller casino bonus

This is a very special type of casino bonus which get offered to players who usually play casino games by putting the great sum of money at stake. It is also called a VIP bonus because of the fact that it gets offered to some unique people only. That’s like very special and trustworthy for online casino sites. This signifies to the fact that the more you play on some specific online casino site, the more you become eligible for these high roller bonuses.


These are some of the different types of online casino bonuses, you can use while playing this year.